As the leading close-knit community in the procurement field, equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the pain points, strategy, and future buying trends of our engaged buyers, we specialize in offering a highly personalized approach to delegate outreach and vetting, enabling us to generate significant value around the matchmaking opportunities for our partners.


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Custom Meetings

Guaranteed meetings with buyers of choice instead of trying your luck on an ExPo show floor

Efficient Use of Time

Provision of extensive and upfront customer information so meetings are more productive and efficient

Upskill and Elevate 

Immerse in Elite’s carefully curated agenda and breakout content, offering valuable insight and research opportunities


Information Exchange

Opportunity to share valuable information, insights, and best practices between industry peers, promoting knowledge sharing, solutions and services

Exclusive Networking Access

Enjoy a curated line up of activities to ensure every networking touchpoint is considered

Measure ROI

The outcomes of one-2-one meeting-style events are often tangible and measurable, allowing Sponsors to track progress, evaluate ROI, and assess the success of their engagements.

Event Sponsors

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If you would like to get in front of our targeted audience of senior level decision makers, get in touch today. 


Sophie Serhan
Head of Event Sponsorship

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